First post- Let’s get it out of the way

So, the first post on any blog is kind of weird. Do you jump right in like you’ve been blogging forever? Do you take time to introduce yourself (see the about section if you’re interested in that)? Or, do you acknowledge that this is the first post and it doesn’t really count for anything?  Clearly I’m choosing the latter here.

I made this blog because I’m going to be halfway around the world for a while, with somewhat limited communication abilities.  We don’t have internet access at the field camp, and while I personally love living without technology for long stretches, I realize that people back home often start to wonder (1) if I’m still alive, (2) where I am and when I’m going to be back, and (3) what the heck I’ve been up to. When I get back into town from the field for a few hours of the civilized life I’m often pressed for time to talk to everyone I want to, so I figured that this here blog would be the most efficient way to keep everyone updated!

Here’s where I stand right now: I moved out of my NYC apartment 6 days ago and have since been apartment surfing.  Why did I move out when I clearly still need somewhere to live, you ask? Well, the visa process has been quite slow (more on that in a later post), and I thought I was going to be out of here by now. Luckily I have some awesome friends who are willing to put me up (and put up with me!) while I’m in life limbo.  After packing and purging my old apartment, I’ve discovered that my entire life fits in 8 bags, 3 of which are going to come with me to Indonesia and a couple of which are already home in Minnesota.  All I need now is a visa and a plane ticket and things will be set… In the meantime I’m just enjoying NYC in all of its summer glory, hanging out with my friends, eating all the food I won’t have access to for the rest of the year (cheese, frozen yogurt, salad), and enjoying luxuries like hot showers and air conditioning.  All of that disappears as soon as I step off the plane in Jakarta, so I’m doing my best to take advantage of it now!

Oh, and if you’re interested in where the title for this blog came from, see the About section.  Exploration + conservation = happiness.


2 thoughts on “First post- Let’s get it out of the way

    • According to the email I got when you followed me, you will automatically get emails every time I update! We can test it out next time I post something…

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