We finally got visa letters! And consequently its been a crazy day. I woke up this morning and the magic email was sitting in my inbox, which was a huge relief. It would have been kind of a problem if the letters didn’t arrive today.  Of course the first thing I did was jump on the website for the Indonesian embassy in NYC to scour all of the visa information for what paperwork was necessary so that they could process my passport. I’ve looked for it before and the information was missing, but for some reason I thought that maybe today it would be there.  Well it turned out that the entire website was down and no one was answering the phone at the visa office, so I was essentially flying blind. Not a huge problem since I have the list of required docs from last year and the lists from other embassies; I just gathered everything they could possibly want from me, made two copies, and set off for the embassy. It’s also really hot/humid in NYC so by the time I got there I was a disgusting sweaty mess, which was a pretty unpleasant feeling BUT I saw the guy that plays Dr. Taub on House on the subway… awesome.

Anyway, after my experience with the consulate in DC last year, I was kind of prepared for a battle with these people, but the woman at the counter was super nice and even apologized for the fact that I had to venture back outside and find the post office to get a money order instead of the cash I was going to pay her.  In the end she said that she will try (key word) to have my passport done on Tuesday! So, long story short… I am probably leaving on Thursday, but I’ve yet to book a plane ticket, so that could change. In order to schedule my flight I essentially will have to gamble on whether or not I think she’ll have my passport ready on Tuesday, because if they don’t they will finish it on Thursday and I wouldn’t be able to leave until Friday (meaning I get to Jakarta on Sunday). I could also fly on Wednesday, but that’s the 4th of July and still requires a gamble on the plane ticket.  Oh well, as they say…

That fish is certainly cray.


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