Flights woohooo

Flights are booked! Unfortunately I couldn’t book a one way ticket like I wanted to, so since I have no idea when I’ll want to come back I just booked a late return (New Years Day) so I have as much time as I want in Indonesia. Luckily that flight is easily adjusted if necessary- I’m flying Cathay Pacific and they have pretty reasonable change fees- so if I decide I want to be in the US for Christmas it’s totally doable.

Last year we got lucky and were able to fly Emirates (which I highly recommend) to Dubai and then straight on to Jakarta, but all of those flights were $8000+ this year.  Consequently my flight plan is a tiny bit crazy, but I’m excited because I’ve never traveled west of MN so this is a new adventure!  I’ll be leaving NYC Friday evening, and the final itinerary is NYC (JFK) –> Los Angeles –> Hong Kong –> Jakarta.  It’ll be Sunday afternoon when I finally get to Jakarta.  The good thing is that there are no long layovers, so I think the traveling will actually go pretty quickly. Let’s just hope I can navigate the Hong Kong airport…


2 thoughts on “Flights woohooo

  1. I flew through Hong Kong on my way home last year and it was relatively easy to navigate. It is quite a cool landing and the airport is really nice, kind of like a museum! It was easier to figure out than Taipei.
    Next time you travel west of MN you should stay in southern orange county for awhile!!

  2. Awesome! yeah, I’m excited to see a new airport and good to hear that it’s not too complicated. Next time I travel inside the US I will definitely consider the OC- I’m curious about California schools for a PhD, so that’s definitely within the realm of possibility!

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