Day 1 in JKT, jet lag, and other stuff

Well it’s 3:00 am here and I can’t sleep. I don’t usually get jet lag because I’m just so tired from traveling that getting on the right sleep schedule is easy (and by the time you fly for 31 hours across 11 time zones you’ll believe whatever people tell you about what day and time it is), but for some reason tonight I’m not so lucky. Looks like it’s bloggin’ time…

Yesterday Sara (other vol coordinator) and I went to the science ministry to get our research permit process started. Luckily we have someone helping us this year, which makes everything so much easier and faster.  The process usually takes 5-7 days because there is a ton of paperwork to get from multiple government offices, but we are going to be done in just 2 days thanks to our new friend Eja and the other guys at Lahuka.  We wanted to fly to Palangka Raya (our town on Borneo) on the last flight out tonight, but every flight today is full and we just barely got on a flight tomorrow- they are also much more expensive than usual because it’s holiday time.  Last year I think I paid just 400,000 Rp (about $40) but this time it was 1.4 million Rp. Oh well, at least we will be at the field camp very soon!

Yesterday I also bought a phone- those of you that are 1. reading this and 2. want my number, shoot me an email and I will send you a text when I can. Right now I have a sim card for Jakarta but will probably get another in Borneo and so my number is going to change.  Buying the phone was also an experience, I haven’t usually had problems with people trying to take advantage of my clearly foreign appearance here, but yesterday no one would sell me a phone for less than 1 million Rp.  That’s a reasonable price in the states but not Indonesia, so I finally found a little shop that sold me a phone (with internet capabilities, so fancy) for about $60. I probably could have found one a little bit cheaper in PKY but this one is pretty nice and should do the job for the next few months!

In other news, I really need to learn how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.


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