Idul Fitri

As some of you may know, Idul Fitri is a celebration of the end of Ramadhan, the Muslim holy month of fasting.  During Ramadhan Muslim people must abstain from food and water from sunup to sundown, meaning that they wake up around 4 am to eat their first meal of the day and then do not eat or drink water again until about 6 pm.  This is extremely challenging, but of course there are exemptions for people like our field assistants who do manual labor and need to eat/drink throughout the day. Nevertheless, many of them choose to fast at least some of the time, especially during the beginning and end of the holy month.  All of this fasting culminates in one massive holiday called Idul Fitri, which was about a week ago (August 19).  This is essentially the Muslim Christmas; everyone gets together with their extended family to celebrate with massive amounts of food and drinks.  People also open their homes to all of their friends and their friends’ friends and then just spend entire days traveling between houses and eating.  It’s a really nice celebration, and this year we (all of the camp staff and vols) were invited to well over 10 parties.  The unofficial motto for Idul Fitri is “the more the merrier,” which was lucky for us since there were about 25 of us total this year!  I think we made it to about 9 houses that day and ate/drank endless amounts of rice, noodles, cake and juice, and it was really fun to finally meet all of the field assistants’ families.  All in all, it was a successful holiday and a great experience!

Me with some of the field assistants and other staff (bottom left: Luke, Twenti, Supian, Dave; top left: Sis, me, Azis, Ben, Azis K)

OuTrop staff, families, and volunteers at Adul’s house


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