Just the usual

Hey all-
Well, the time since my last post has been pretty relaxing. I’ve just been at camp, enjoying a week or so there before the new group of volunteers comes and life gets crazy again.  It’s been a pretty standard week, although at times frustrating because we haven’t been able to find the main group of habituated kelasi since returning from Mega Rice.  We have had 5 people out most mornings covering every inch of their territory, but thus far they’ve been able to elude our grasp.  Times like this make me glad I study trees and not primates- I don’t usually have to get up at 5 am to spend 6 hours searching for my study objects!  I do enjoy searching though, because you never know what you’ll see or hear in the forest while walking quietly by yourself.  We’ve found quite a few orangutans, including a big male that long called about 20 m away from Camille, as well as lots of gibbons and birds.  Sis and I also saw a sun bear the other day; they’ve been quite common in the forest right near camp because one of their favorite foods is fruiting right now.  Hopefully we can maintain this good luck with animal sightings, because the new group of volunteers will soon be in the forest and we always want them to see as much wildlife as possible!

Other than that, I’ve just been working on data analysis for the forestry projects here, which is one of my main jobs.  We have some plot data from Mega Rice and nursery data from Sabangau that need attention, especially since we’re planning to start a planting experiment while the volunteers are here. It’s not the most glamorous job but I generally enjoy data analysis and we’ve gotten some interesting results thus far.

As I mentioned, the new group of volunteers comes today, so I’m getting ready for a crazy 7 weeks.  We have 2 Australians, 2 Germans, 2 Dutch, and 1 English person coming, so camp is about to get even more diverse than it already is!  We’ll spend the next couple of days in Palangkaraya to make sure that they get all of the supplies and rest/relaxation they need before heading off to camp on Oct 2nd.  Hopefully I will be able to post again before then… here’s a silly picture of me to tide you over until the next update.  Sampai nanti!

Hanging out on the Sabangau tower with vol group 1


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