New Vols

To camp today with the new vols!  I’ve been in Palangka for 4 days and am very ready to go back to camp.  Nick and I picked up the vols from the airport 2 days ago and have been spending most of our time with them since then.  We’ve been talking with them about Indonesian culture, OuTrop, and the type of work that they will do over the next 6 weeks.  Yesterday I took them all shopping to get everything they will need for the expedition- we spent about 5 hours in the market and the mall buying snacks, rubber boots, socks, bandanas, clothing, sarongs… the list goes on!  It was a tiring day but now they are finally ready to go to camp today.  I’m looking forward to it, and I know they’re all excited to see where they will be living, meet everyone else at camp, and most importantly get into the forest for the first time (that’s tomorrow’s project).  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a new update in a week or so, because I have to come back into town to write a report, so I’ll have more (and more exciting) updates later!


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