Days Off and My New Pet

Hey all!  Today is my second day off since the volunteers got here, so I came into town to use the internet and catch up on a few things.  The long weekend is coming in a few days but that’s not really a break for me, so I got to take a few days off now.

Things at camp have been busy as usual- but the vols have been doing well, and they’ve gotten to see some amazing stuff, including a tarsier and an interesting interaction between a juvenile orangutan and a loris.  It’s just been primate central lately!  The other day I also saw a pack of 8 hornbills, which was really exciting.  I don’t have many animals left on my must-see list anymore.  Aside from primate stuff (booooring, I know), Nick and I have been pretty busy planning our reforestation project.  We are going to plant 1,350 seedlings in the degraded area outside the forest next week in a large-scale experiment to see which tree species might be best for restoring that particular area.  It’s the perfect time for it right now because the rainy season is coming, so there is less of a chance that the seedlings will die from the heat/sunlight.  I’ll update more on that after we’ve finished it, but we’re almost done measuring and tagging the seedlings we plan to use, so things are coming along nicely.

And in other news, I have my first parasite.  Wooohooo!  Its not that uncommon for people in camp to get hookworms once in awhile, and it was apparently my turn this week.  The good news is that it just takes a few days and a few pills to get rid of it.  The bad news is that in the meantime he’s (yes, I’ve decided it’s a dude) just crawling around under the skin on my leg and leaving a nice trail. If you’re curious, google “hookwork in skin”- although don’t if you don’t like gross stuff- and look at the first picture! Mine actually isn’t that bad, you can barely see the path, but it’s the same idea.  Luckily he should be nice and dead by tomorrow, but in the meantime it’s pretty itchy.

Okay, I’m off to have a nice lunch and walk around the mall before heading back to camp tonight, but hopefully I will have a chance to update more later this weekend.  Sampai jumpa lagi…


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