Exciting News from BOS

A great post documenting the amazing work done Simon Husson, one of the founding directors of OuTrop, and his BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) team. Releasing rehabilitated orangutans into the wild is extremely expensive and time-consuming, as there aren’t many places left in Kalimantan that are both suitable and accessible, so this release is a huge triumph for orangutan conservation. All of us at OuTrop have been hearing about this process along the way, and it’s great to know that they have finally been successful!

Going Back to the Forest

Here is the momentous news you have all been waiting for! On the 2nd November 2012, we reintroduced our first rehabilitated orangutans from Nyaru Menteng into Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest in Central Kalimantan!


Having safely been sedated and transported in their individual travel enclosures, the first helicopter arrived at a pre-designated point in Batikap at approximately 10.30 am on 2nd November 2012, carrying Chanel and Charlie, Leonora and Lamar, Emen and Embong and Terusan. All of these orangutans were released at the end of Transect David.

As soon as each of the orangutans were released they all immediately climbed up into the trees. Terusan immediately started moving through the trees and approached Emen, then paused to play with her infant Embong for a short while before moving off towards the North-West. Terusan was clearly enjoying his freedom and was later located after 3pm about 550 m from…

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