Things I have done today instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner

  • Woken up at 5:11 am still annoyed from the power outage and subsequent death of the generator last night to find that the electricity-thank god!-had been restored
  • Eaten a mango (bought for the equivalent of 50 cents at the local market) and brushed my teeth with a toothbrush that cost me the equivalent of 25 cents
  • Marveled at how cheap things are here, more than once. Sometimes I forget the exchange rate and when I remember it just blows my mind
  • Skyped with Mark for the first time in… many, many months. Now that my volunteer coordinating is done I will luckily have more time to stay in touch with people
  • Met the BBC film crew at the airport to get them set up in Palangkaraya for the next few days.
  • Made a tentative plan for my January vacation, I think I want to go to Lombok, Flores, and Komodo Island!
  • Gone to the mall to treat myself to MERKUN food. Hello chicken sandwich, fries, and a magical drink known as the Mochachino cream.  Ignored the fact that I also treated myself to Merkun food last night.
  • Started checking a paper we had translated to make sure that everything still makes sense. Got sleepy and took a nap instead.
  • Woke up to find that my delicious piece of bread filled with a chocolate and shaped like a turtle (seriously awesome and one of my favorite treats here) was covered with tiny ants… tore off the parts with ants and ate it anyway. I’m not sorry.
  • Started checking said paper again, learned that the actual word for “biodiversity” in Indonesian is “keanekarangaman hayati”, and stopped checking said paper because my head hurt a little bit.
  • Wrote this blog post.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America!  I hope your day is filled with turkey, cheesy things and cheesier jokes, and beer (and that you eat/drink extra for me).  I’m thankful for the jungle, cool breezes, ice cold drinks, and those of you that read this blog.  On a more serious note, I’m very thankful for my friends and family who have been keeping in touch with me while I’ve been here. It’s nice to know that there are updates and news from all of you waiting for me in my inbox when I come to town from camp, and even nicer to be able to Skype, text, or talk on the phone with you when I can 🙂  And on that note, I will speak to all of you again when you emerge from your turkey and football-induced comas.  Just know that I am very, very jealous of all the eating you are about to do, so to make myself feel better, here are some photos of my tentative vacation spots!

Flores, Indonesia

Komodo National Park, Komodo Island, Indonesia

Rice terraces in Lombok, Indonesia


5 thoughts on “Things I have done today instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner

    • Thanks Summer, it’s nice to have at least one loyal reader! And Andrew, I did not take those pictures, I just borrowed them from the internet. But hopefully I will get some nice pictures when I go to those places! All good here, and I hope E3B is treating you well also. Shoot me a message on FB sometime, I’d like to hear how everything is going.

  1. I think I might trade you the food for your wonderful experience! I love reading your blog. I never want to forget my experience and since I can’t afford to go back I can relive it through your posts 🙂

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