Lombok, here I come!

Vacation, vacation, vacation- it’s time for me to take one!  I’ve been here since July with virtually no breaks, and everyone else around me has gone on vacation in that time, so I’ve decided to take one after Christmas. I posted once before about possible vacation spots and after much deliberation/searching online/reading the Indonesia Lonely Planet guide back to front, I’ve decided to go to Lombok for 7-10 days. Originally I wanted to travel overland through Flores, which would be an amazing trip, but I’ve unfortunately realized that I don’t have enough time or money to do it properly so I’m saving it for another time.  But, Lombok should still be a very nice and relaxing place to go, so I’m not complaining!  To be honest, it was really difficult to choose where to go- Indonesia has over 17,000 islands and I have a feeling that all of them would be worth seeing.

Lombok is the big island to the east of Bali and to the southeast of Kalimantan. It’s less touristy than Bali and has pretty much all of the major Indonesia attractions- beaches, snorkeling, volcanoes, and lots of small villages just waiting to be explored.  My holiday starts on December 22nd; I’m spending Christmas in a village in South Kalimantan with our camp cooks, who have graciously invited anyone left in camp to their family’s home there.  They live near Banjarmasin (see the map), so my plan right now is to leave there on the 29th of December and fly to Mataram, which is the only airport on Lombok.  Once I get there, my basic plan is to go up along the north coast to Senggigi, then inland to see Mt. Rinjiani, and then maybe down to the south west coast if I still have time.  There is also a pretty high possibility that I might just skip most of that plan and park myself in a beachside bungalow on the Gili Islands for the rest of the trip to have some quality relaxing time! The nice part is that since these are less-traveled areas, I don’t necessarily have to make a plan. It’s easy enough to just turn up in a city or on an island and find a place to stay.  In fact, I’m only going to book one room in advance- and I paid $13 for it.  You can’t get much better than that!

Ahhh, now if only December would go a little faster…

Mt. Rinjiani, Lombok

Gili Air, Lombok

Sunset in Senggigi, Lombok


3 thoughts on “Lombok, here I come!

  1. This looks absolutely wonderful, Cassie! I’ll think of you when we are having blizzards and ice storms… Have a grand time!!!

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