Miscellaneous Ramblings

Wowowowow it’s been busy lately, but luckily not all work- we’ve been doing a bit of playing as well.  Here are a couple of photos as proof of that!


OuTrop foreign staff (and a lone tree) on our waterpark day out


Mark and Luke on the big slide! A much more graceful landing than some…


OuTrop staff post-badminton

I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the forest and town for the next 4 days, working on office stuff (and hopefully catching up with a few of you on Skype?) and then hopefully getting a solid 5-6 days of forest work in after that.  Exciting things are happening, as I’m working on updating our hydrology research and hopefully initiating a new project relating tree species distribution and small-scale elevation changes in the forest… which is also related to water. So, in short I’ve got a lot of water research to do, which is convenient because the forest is also essentially one giant puddle right now and it rains at least once a day.  YEAH WATERRRRRRRR!!!!!!  Haha okay I think I’m going a little bit crazy from 3+ days in town, so it’s off to the forest for now.  More updates next time!


One thought on “Miscellaneous Ramblings

  1. Cool, Cassie —
    At least there’s been time for some wet fun before your wet work in the forest!
    Glad you coiuld take time out to laugh for a while. The pix are fun, too.
    Your new research idea sounds interesting. Do you expect fewer trees as the elevation rises in the forest?
    More later.

    Great to see you from long distance; miss you being close, of course!


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