(Photo from OuTrop Facebook page)

On June a number of Indonesian conservation organizations (including those that I am closely affiliated with, OuTrop and Yayasan Palung) will be participating in a 24-hour live tweet and posting event, bringing you photos, videos, and updates from SE Asian rainforests. If you’re at all interested in wildlife conservation or just want to see some cool photos, I suggest you follow all the posts on Facebook and/or Twitter, which will be tagged with #rainforestlive. Should be pretty awesome! The posting starts on June 2nd Indonesian time, so this will be late Sunday evening into Monday daytime here in the U.S. Check out the publicity from Mongabay linked below.


Coincidentally on June 2nd I am heading to Boston to officially start training/orientation for my job with GPOCP. I have very little idea what’s on the agenda but I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy 5 days (annual reports? grant writing?) I’m excited though, I’ll get a lot of insight into all of the programs and responsibilities that I’ll be working on. I’ve never been to Massachusetts either, so I’ll check another state off the list! A couple of weeks ago I went to North Dakota for the first time so I’m on a roll. In the meantime I have 3 more jam packed days at work- I’ve been training about 7 students/day this week- and by the time Monday comes around I’ll be so ready to have a break from that.

More updates soon, and in the meantime don’t forget to follow #rainforestlive! For even more conservation and jungle news, you can also follow ME on Twitter (@CassieFreund) 🙂


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